Environmentalists on Trump’s Pipeline Reversal Orders—-“It’s a Dark Day”



Environmentalists and others who opposed the Keystone XL pipeline knew it was likely coming when Donald Trump was elected President.

On Tuesday, he carried through with his pledge to reverse the executive orders of President Obama that stopped construction of the Keystone as well as the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

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Trump Follows Through on Campaign Pledge—-Reverses Obama’s Order Against Keystone Pipeline


For some oil and gas operators, President Trump’s action on Tuesday was what they wanted—-a reversal of President Obama’s decision against the Keystone XL oil pipeline and later a move to stop construction of the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota.

President Trump had campaigned on the promise of reversing Obama’s Keystone decision …

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Cause Still Undecided in Deadly Waukomis Oil Tank Explosion

Firefighters stand next to a burned vehicle after an explosion at a tanker battery southwest of Waukomis, Okla., Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017. (Billy Hefton/The Enid News & Eagle via AP)


Whether it was an accident or arson, the investigation into last week’s deadly oil tank explosion near Waukomis might take a few more weeks. It’s the indication from investigators probing the blast that killed Keith Milacek, a 33-year old man who lived near the site of the oil tank batteries.

There are …

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Chesapeake Makes Filings of Completion on 10 Northwest Oklahoma Wells


In an apparent move to catch up on paperwork, Chesapeake Energy filed 10 completion reports this week including some on wells drilled in December of 2014.

As published on OK Energy Today, the wells were in northwest Oklahoma. Three were in Alfalfa County just outside the typical 3-county zone comprising the STACK. …

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Judge Delays Sentencing in Deadly California Pipeline Explosion


Six years after a pipeline explosion killed 8 people in the San Francisco suburb of San Bruno, Pacific Gas and Electric Company is ready to pay a maximum $3 million fine. This, after a jury convicted the firm of deliberately violating pipeline safety regulations.

But the utility is also asking a federal judge …

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Senator Lankford Says New GAO Report shows It’s Time to Delist American Burying Beetle



A Government Accountability Office report requested by Oklahoma U.S. Sen. James Lankford shows the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service doesn’t have adequate financial controls in its conservation efforts to protect the American burying beetle. And its operations are full of errors and missing data.

“Years ago, to protect the American Burying beetle population, …

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Growing Commercial Investments in Oklahoma


A new report by the Oklahoma Commerce Department says the state had $2.2 billion in new investment by companies last year.  Fourteen of the firms were new to Oklahoma.

The total in new investment meant the creation of more than 5,200 jobs. The report says google’s $1.2 billion expansion in Pryor was the …

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Oklahoma Sierra Club Worried About Issues in State Legislature Next Month


The Sierra Club of Oklahoma is gearing up for the start of the legislative session on Monday, Feb. 6 and leaders are already talking of “unfortunate” things they see developing among legislators.

Mark Derichsweiler, the Vice-Chair and Legislative chair of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Sierra Club talked of them in a newsletter …

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Sierra Club Ratchets up Fundraising Over Trump’s Policies



The Sierra Club is ratcheting up its fund-raising efforts using the Donald Trump administration.

“This is what we’re up against. The minute Trump took office, he scrubbed every mention of Climate Change from whitehouse.gov,” wrote Michael Brune, Executive Director in his latest effort to raise money for the national  organization. “His new …

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Montana Fracking Law Challenged in Court


Some landowners, conservationists and health advocates in Montana have gone to court challenging a state law that allows energy companies to conceal the chemicals they use in fracking.

Their lawsuit was filed this week in an attempt to force the energy companies to reveal which chemicals are used in hydraulic fracturing. The law …

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