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AAA Oklahoma: State Average For Gas is $2.11 a Gallon

Oklahoma continues to have some of the cheapest gasoline in the U.S., down 5 cents in the past month and up 77 cents since February 13, 2016, as the statewide average stands at $2.11 per gallon, according to the latest report from AAA Oklahoma.

The organization indicated that the price is the same …

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Oklahoma and Arkansas Post Lowest Gas Prices in Nation, Says AAA

Despite gasoline prices going up, Oklahoma continues to have one of the lowest gasoline prices in the U.S. as the statewide average rose by six cents since last week, according to the latest report from AAA Oklahoma. The new average is up 14 cents since November 14.

“Our Oklahoma average today of $2.02 …

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AAA Oklahoma: Sooner State Has Lowest Gas Prices in the U.S.

Oklahoma now has the cheapest gas in the nation.

After steadily rising to nearly $2 a gallon, Oklahoma’s average price for regular self-serve gasoline fell by three cents over the last five days to a statewide average $1.96 per gallon, according to a report issued Tuesday by AAA Oklahoma.

“Globally, oil producers appear …

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OCC ALJ Recommends $60 Million Rate Increase for OG&E

Oklahoma Corporation Commission ALJ Ben Jackson has recommended a rate increase of $60.3 million for Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co., according to a report by The Oklahoman.

OG&E proposed doubling a monthly customer service charge to more than $26 while reconfiguring residential bills to explain their system costs. The electric utility also proposed …

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AAA Oklahoma: Second Lowest Gas Price in the Nation Found in Oklahoma

Oklahoma gasoline prices are at their lowest level in more than three months, falling 13 cents in the last four weeks to reach a statewide average of $1.94 a gallon, according to AAA Oklahoma. The Sooner State now has the second lowest gasoline price in the nation.

“Today’s state average – $1.943 per …

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AAA Reports Oklahoma Pump Price Drop Following Labor Day

Oklahoma gasoline prices are down to a statewide average of $2.06 a gallon, a drop of nearly 5 cents in the past week, according to AAA Oklahoma.

Nationally, the average price is $2.20 per gallon. Gas prices fell lower heading into the Labor Day weekend, which marks the unofficial end to the summer …

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Gasoline Prices Rising in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s gasoline prices are on the rise again. Oklahoma’s statewide average of $2.065 per gallon has risen 14 cents since August 1. The national gas price average is $2.164 per gallon, according to the latest Fuel Gauge Report issued by AAA Oklahoma.

“A quartet of factors is at work here: the U.S. dollar …

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Oklahoma Gasoline Average Falls Below $2

Oklahoma drivers are paying less at the pumps, according to weekly statistics provided by AAA Oklahoma.

Lawton has the lowest average in the state at $1.92 a gallon, up two cents since last week. Shawnee has the second lowest average at $1.93, up a nickel in the past several days. Two other cities …

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AAA: Lower Gas Prices Equate to Record-Breaking Holiday Weekend

Independence Day is near with more than 558,000 Oklahomans making preparations to travel during the record-breaking holiday as prices at the pump stabilize, according to a Fuel Gauge report from AAA Oklahoma. The state’s average price is $2.09 a gallon, an increase of less than one cent. “Oklahoma’s gas price average is 48 cents …

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Oklahoma Pump Prices Fall Ahead of Summer Driving Season

Oklahoma gasoline prices are seven cents lower this week, averaging $2.09 a gallon at the beginning of the summer driving season, according to the latest fuel report issued on Monday by AAA Oklahoma.

The $1.95 a gallon average in Muskogee is lowest in the state while Stillwater has the highest average at $2.20 …

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