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Gasoline Prices Slip in Oklahoma—Hold Steady Nationally

Gasoline prices slipped a penny in Oklahoma, reaching a new average this week of $2.12 a gallon according to a weekly release by AAA Oklahoma.

Nationally, the average of $2.35 a gallon remained flat for the week but still nine cents higher than one month ago and 22 cents cheaper than a year ago.

“Prices …

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Gasoline Averages $2.13 a Gallon in Oklahoma…..5th Lowest in the Nation

Oklahoma’s gasoline prices now average $2.13 a gallon, about the same as a week ago. They are also the 5th lowest statewide average in the U.S. according to AAA Oklahoma.

The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $2.35 a gallon and 23 cents higher than one year ago.

“With summer demand running …

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Slight Jump in Gasoline Prices Seen in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s average gasoline prices rose 4.5 cents a gallon in the past week, reaching a new statewide average of $2.01 a gallon, according to AAA Oklahoma.

At the same time, the national average gas price rose 3 cents to reach $2.26 a gallon, an increase for the first time in five weeks. It means …

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Oklahoma Still Has Some of the Cheapest Gas in the Country

Gasoline prices now average $1.97 a gallon in Oklahoma, the third lowest state in the nation according to new figures from AAA Oklahoma. However, the average is a penny higher than a week ago.

Oklahoma is behind South Carolina where the average is $1.90 and Alabama where prices average $1.96 a gallon.

Gasoline prices …

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Oklahoma Gasoline Prices Reach New Low for the Year


Gasoline prices in Oklahoma have fallen to a new low for the year as of this week, tumbling to a new level of $1.95 a gallon, according to a weekly report from AAA Oklahoma.

The new-weekly average puts Oklahoma with the second lowest price in the nation behind only South Carolina where the …

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AAA Oklahoma Reports State Gas Average of $1.95 a Gallon

Oklahoma now has the cheapest gas in the Midwest as the national average hit $2.26 per gallon, according to a report issued Tuesday by AAA Oklahoma.

After steadily rising slightly above $2 a gallon, Oklahoma’s average price for regular self-serve gasoline fell by a whopping 19 cents from a month ago to a statewide …

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Gasoline Prices Take Another Plunge in OKC and Across the State

A day after it was announced Oklahoma once again had the nation’s second lowest gasoline average of $2.05 a gallon, prices in the Oklahoma City metro plunged to $1.74 a gallon.

The $2.05 average statewide was announced Monday by AAA Oklahoma but Gas Buddy reported gasoline prices on Tuesday had dropped 31 cents below …

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Oklahoma has Nation’s 2nd Cheapest Gasoline Prices

Oklahoma continues with some of the cheapest gasoline in the country as this week’s average pump price is $2.09, a 3-cent increase in the past week according to the weekly report from AAA Oklahoma.

Surrounding states have prices about 3 cents higher including Arkansas and Missouri. The U.S. average is up slightly to $2.38 …

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AAA Oklahoma: Gas Prices Swing By Wide Margin in State

Oklahoma continues to have some of the cheapest gasoline in the U.S., up a penny since May 30, 2016, as the statewide average stands at $2.12 per gallon, according to the latest report from AAA Oklahoma.

“Oil markets remain lukewarm after last Thursday’s meeting with OPEC and non-OPEC producers regarding an extension of production …

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Guthrie Legislator Wages Fight Against Gasoline Tax Hike

Guthrie Rep. Jason Murphey makes it clear he will vote against any plan to increase gasoline taxes in the state.

Writing in the McCarville Report this week, the Republican legislator said it is flawed logic to suggest gasoline taxes could be increase because the state already has one of the lowest such taxes …

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