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Missouri Rejects Wind-Powered Electricity Line

Utility regulators in Missouri have said ‘no’ to Clean Line Energy Partners and its plan to build one of the nation’s longest transmission lines carrying wind powered electricity from¬†Kansas to Indiana and markets eastward.

It was the second Missouri state rejection for Clean Line Energy which wants to send wind-powered electricity in Kansas along …

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Attorney General Fights PSO’s Plans for Nation’s Largest Wind Farm

State Attorney General Mike Hunter has come out in opposition to PSO’s plans to build the nation’s largest wind farm in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

In a motion filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, the attorney general said the utility failed to follow competitive bidding rules and show a need for new electrical generation from …

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New Prairie Chicken Study Shows Wind Farms Aren’t So Harmful

A new study suggests maybe those wind farms around the Midwest aren’t so harmful to the greater prairie chicken. A new study from the University of Nebraska found that while the spinning wind turbines kill hundreds of thousands of birds a year, the turbines actually become home to birds on the ground. Namely, the …

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Tribe Loses Fight Against Osage County Wind Farm Regulations

The Osage Tribe apparently isn’t giving up in its fight against wind farms in Osage County, even after losing a court case this week in Pawhuska.

It was there a judge denied the Osage Nation challenge to the rules created by Osage county that will allow further development of wind farms.

Osage County District …

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PSO Wants Quick Decision from State on Proposed Largest Wind Farm in the U.S.

Tulsa’s Public Service Co. is asking for a quick decision from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission on its plan to build what will be the largest wind farm in the U.S.

PSO and a sister utility say they need the fast response in order to have the Wind Catcher project near Guymon qualify for federal …

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Panhandle Wind Farm to Consist of 800 Turbines

That $4.5 billion dollar wind farm announced this week by the American Electric Power Co. would turn out to be the largest in the U.S……one with 800 turbines.

PSO and its sister company, Southwestern Electric Power Co. are building the Wind Catcher Energy Connection near Guymon in the Panhandle. Electricity would be provided not …

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Oklahoma Wind Farm Owner Expands With Solar Power Purchase in Nevada

The company that owns the Cowboy Wind Farm near Blackwell, Oklahoma has expanded its energy holdings with the announcement it’s buying a massive solar operation in Nevada.

EDF Rnewable Energy, the company that bought the Cowboy Wind Farm in August of 2016 announced it’s purchased two solar projects from First Solar, Inc.

The projects …

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Legislator Says Wind Farm and Air Force Base Study is Not Anti-Wind

Proclaiming his interim legislative study of wind farms and their impact on Air Force bases in Oklahoma is not ‘anti-wind’, Altus Rep. Charles Ortega says it’s about the economy.

“When you look at the Air Force bases, just the Air Force bases, we’re talking about a $20 billion aerial impact, economic impact,” he said …

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Interim Study to Focus on Wind Farms and Military Air Bases in Oklahoma

One of the more than 60 interim study requests approved by the Oklahoma House Speaker will focus on the location of wind farms near military airfields in the state.

The request was made by Rep. Charles Ortega, R-Altus who has concerns that some wind farms in the state are located in military training routes.

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Wind Company Loses Tax Credit and Tariff Battle in Iowa

Another tariff and tax credit battle between a wind industry company and a state has ended in loss for the wind operators.

It’s happened in Iowa where the State’s Utilities Board refused to grant MidAmerican Energy Co. an exemption from a tariff that would have allowed the company to keep federal production tax credit …

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